User experiences is vital to enterprises today. Big player across the board are recognizing that users now demand well-designed products, and UX is an integral part in delivering those products.

Step 1

UX discovery
Understand the underlying drivers and take informed initial direction
UX Audit of all existing applications
Study applications in same space
Present a report with suggestive measures

Step 2

Achieve a quick remarkable improvement in UX
Act on burning issues first
Establish design patterns
Repeat on other applications

Step 3

Utilise UX as a strategic tool to achieve your business goals
Get benefit from strategic UX
Timely measure of UX value
Cater to evolving user, technology & business needs
Considerations while designing for Enterprises
  • The demands and needs of people from different departments and of different levels are met. Compared with the customer facing products, the user's needs are more complicated in EUX.
  • Enterprise users interact with niche software on daily basis and quite possibly for many years. They know their way around the logic of the products they use. We take this into account power users when designing products for them.
  • The business goals, technical conditions, enterprise culture, and employees habit are taken into considerations.
  • When a products is consistent, a user can predict how to use different features based on how the rest of the system works. Our approach is to make the entire product cohesive, using consistent patterns and styles.

We craft approach for your Organisation based on your requirement and on various attributes affecting the desired outcomes.

Uncover the right apprach for your Organisation
Every dollar invested in UX returns $10 to $100

Forrester Research

Save Money

Make Money

Direct Impact

Sales and Marketing

Support and Service

Dev & IT

HR & Ops




New Value


Indirect Impact


Bugs & Errors

Training Time


Internal Tools




Brand Perception



It's no secret that UX design's relevance to business has been growing exponentially since the dawn of the information age.

User Experience is not just about creating usable and aesthetically rich products. It positively impacts your business in terms if done right by helping you either save money, make money or both.

UX design introduces positive, quantifiable and qualitative changes to products and services.

Higher the level of UX Maturity, more significant the impact of UX benefits

Timing of Initial UX
Availability of Resources
Leadership & Culture
Step 1
Dark Ages
Timing of Initial UX
After Coding
Availability of Resources
Visual Design
Leadership & Culture
Step 2
Timing of Initial UX
Mixed:after & before code & sometimes in parallel with coding
Availability of Resources
Visual, Interaction, Research, Lower Level Management
Leadership & Culture
No clean owner, Shared amongst functions
Step 3
Timing of Initial UX
Prior to coding
Availability of Resources
Visual, Interaction, Research, Lower & Upper Level Management
Leadership & Culture
Clean owner in Upper Management
Step 4
Timing of Initial UX
As part of business & market requirements
Availability of Resources
Visual, Interaction, Research, Management Executive
Leadership & Culture
Clean owner & well understood, represented at executive levels
Step 5

We work in

We can help improving your Organisation’s UX Maturity

Great UX is simple and intuitive, and in the best-case scenario, invisible. UX is one of the key make-or-break factor in a product's functionality and overall success.

Step 1

Product discovery
Validate your assumptions & Make informed decision
Understand users and their real needs
Understand business goals
Study competitors

Step 2

Enhance brand value by achieving seamless and consistent experience
Prototype & Validate
Agile UX for implementing product features

Step 3

Increase the positive impact of UX on your Organisation
Improve ROI from UX
Timely measure of UX value
Cater to evolving user, technology & business needs
Considerations while designing for consumer flagship product
  • For a consumer product, if it's ugly or hard to use a consumer can just refuse to use it. The learning curve affects the adoption rate of the product.
  • We start by understanding your customer's needs before giving them the solutions, so as to build the experience based on their real needs.

We craft approach for your product based on your business goal, user's needs and technical feasibility.

Enhancing user adoption

Product adoption describes the process of users becoming aware of a product, understanding it's value, and begining to use it. The process is usally broken down into four discrete stages:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Evaluation
  • Conversion

The 4 forces influencing a customer switch

We work in

Increase adoption rate of your Product

88% of the users are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience

Step 1

Product Discovery

Step 2


Step 3

Innovate on the top of it
Considerations while designing for marketing website
  • Clearer messaging and benefits of the product/service for the potential buyers
  • Bring out the brand value
  • Aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly for the visitors

Strengthen the backbone of your online presence by improving the credibility of your business.

We work in

Make your product usable

Case Studies


Car Service

Auto Service Center

Transforming the way automotive car businesses function with UAE’s leading car servicing platform providers




Oil and Energy


Engineering Products

Increasing UX Maturity of a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products to the oil and gas industry.

Design System

Web Portal



Integrates Robotics



Providing actionable intelligence from mapping data captured by drones to the enterprises in construction, mining, GIS, agriculture etc using this remote sensing tool.

Design System

Web Portal


Payment Solution Provider

POS Machine

Reimagining the way Indian local merchants and shopkeepers manage their finances and business account on their own.


Design System

B2B Online Platform

MICE services

Empowering B2B travel inventory providing organisation with revenue increase of 150% and 60% decrease in lead operation time.

Online Portal

Health Care

Child Health Tracking

With a focus on monitoring a child’s growth in his initial critical years, giving a new life to how family health is managed.


Web Portal

Design System

Mechanical Seals

Seal Supply Systems

Empowering a global leader in mechanical seal manufacturing with an efficient tool to support aftermarket sales and service activities.

Web Portal